Our History

Sacred Heart School was founded in the first Sacred Heart of Jesus Church building in September, 1902.  Fifty students ranging in age from 7 to 14 were enrolled when the school opened.  The Sisters of the Holy Cross staffed the school, and sessions were held from 8:45 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:15 to 3:45 p.m.  Tuition was 50 cents for each child, but allowances were made for those who had financial limitations.

On June 13, 1909, the Mother General of the Sisters of the Holy Cross sent a letter suggesting that another order of sisters be brought to Sacred Heart School.  The Sisters of the Holy Cross were staying at the Sacred Heart Academy near St. Anthony’s and the Bishop requested a change of orders so that the new sisters could live closer to the school.  Father Thompson contacted the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary from West Chester, Pennsylvania, to secure their services as teachers of the school.  They accepted Father’s invitation, and on January 8, 1910 the Sisters had arrived at 560 West Lemon Street and had taken charge of the school.

When classes resumed on September 8, 1910, the enrollment had increased to 125 students.  The school grew steadily each year, and as the need for more room in the church grew, so did the need for more space in the school.  In 1921, the parish took up the issue of building an addition to the school and church.  By 1922 the new building was under construction and on June 3, 1923 the new hall officially opened.  In addition to a gym and a social hall for parish functions, it provided three additional classrooms in the lower part of the building.

By 1953 there were 752 pupils at Sacred Heart School.  The children were elated when they learned that a new church would be built.  They knew that this would mean the old building could be renovated to include more room for the school.  Today the very first Sacred Heart of Jesus Church remains home to Sacred Heart School.   

Vocations from Sacred Heart Church and School

Priests: Brothers   Sisters

Rev. Frederick R. Bradel       Brother Elmo Bransby C.S.C.                   Sister Marie Adelaide IHM (Mary Martin)Rev. Walter A. Buckius       Brother Vianney Flick   Sister Gertrude Marie IHM (Sarah Doyle)Rev. Lawrence C. Gross   Sister Philip Marie IHM (Ruth Wendel)Msgr. Richard A. Youtz   Sister Marita Cecilia IHM (Rosemary Gavan)Rev. Joseph A. Celia   Sister Marie Pauline IHM (Verna Withers)Msgr. Harold E. Keller V.F.   Sister Marita Thomas IHM (Shirley Ann Braas)Rev. Maurice Costella O.S.B.           Sister Alphonsus IHM (Margaret Drohan)Rev. William Krupa O.S.A.   Sister M. Margaret Joann IHM (Mary Elizabeth Rev. George Krupa O.S.A.       Schmidt)Rev. Ryan M. Fischer                                                                                                                                            Sister George Marie IHM (Suzanne Scattergood)   Sister Theresa Edward IHM (Mary Humpf)    Sister Evangelist IHM (M. Hegner)   Sister Mary Catherine Theresa OSF (Mary Keller)   Sister Emmanuel Marie OSF (Celeste Krizin)   Sister M. Jonella CSC (Joan Bennawit)   Sister M. Georgellen CSC (Nancy Ganse)           Sister Kateria RSM (Margaret Dorwart)           Sister Assisium Sister of Charity (Margaret Byrne)           Sister Christine Virginia Orfeo, Daughters of St. Paul                                                                                                                                                                                          Sister Julia Darrenkamp, Daughters of St. Paul