SCRIP SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to families to assist parents in meeting their tuition responsibilities. The school purchases certificates at a discount from various merchants and then resells them at face value. The profit from these sales is distributed to families in the form of a scholarship. Monies may be applied generally or requested specifically by submitting a scrip scholarship application. You may request a scholarship application in the school office.

For example:

If you normally spend $200 at Giant each month, simply buy $200 in Giant gift cards from Sacred Heart School. Giant gift cards are discounted at a rate of 5%. So, the proceeds on $200 is $10. It is easy to see how shopping at SHS can really add up in scholarship dollars.

The program offers certificates from many merchants, some of which pay as high as 25%. With a little planning, those dollars can add up quickly.See how easy it is to save by ordering through 


How do I receive my scholarship?

Once your application is received and the criteria are met your scholarship will be determined and credited directly to your tuition account. Scholarships are awarded twice a year once in September and once in March. Please be sure all of the criteria on the application are met or your scholarship request will not be honored.

How do I purchase certificates if I decide NOT to purchase online?

Certificates are available every day, Monday through Friday, from 7:45a.m. to 2:15p.m. in the school office. Additionally, you may send an order into school with your child using the SCRIP envelope. Your child will hand the order in to his or her teacher, and the order will be filled and returned home with your child that afternoon. 

How do I pay for certificates?

You can pay for your purchases by cash or check (payable to “SHHGN”).

Be creative! Encourage friends and family members to buy certificates. Extra envelopes are available upon request. Questions? Call Sacred Heart School (393-8433).

What are Special Orders?

Special orders are for additional certificates that we do not keep on hand at the school for sale each day. You can place special orders on a weekly basis. Here’s how it works:

1.    Place your order online ***(see for details)*** by Monday morning at 10 am. 

2.    The order will be placed that day and you will receive your certificates by no later than Friday afternoon of the same week.

Special Orders do require several days to process- this is just a partial list- go to for a up to date complete listing as many retailers run specials etc.


Here are easy, step-by-step instructions on how to enroll your family with and make all your special orders online. It takes 5 minutes to enroll and will streamline the special order process. No more sending pieces of paper to school with the kids. You can even pay online when you set up a PRESTO PAY account (debits from your checking account and charges a nominal fee of 15 cents).***Even if you order online, you can still pay by check at school.*** But SCRIP NOW orders MUST be paid via PRESTO PAY no exceptions!!!!

ALL SPECIAL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONLINE. Place the order print off a receipt and send the receipt with your payment into school. No orders will be sent home until they are paid for !  

**Orders must be done by 10a.m. on Monday for delivery by Thursday or Friday afternoon.**


2. Blue circle- “register”- click on “join an existing program” (make your user name your email address since it’s easy to remember, choose a password, fill out your name/address/student name/email/ and accept privacy policy and terms of use)

3. You are ready to shop online and order from a HUGE array of gift cards (some cards pay back 10, 13 and even 20%!)

Note: sends very FEW emails, which is a relief.


Mrs. Tuzzino and Mrs. Hornick are always ready to help with your SCRIP order.