Instructional Support

Sacred Heart School Instructional Support values the gifts of each student and recognizes the diversity of our SHS student population.  Our instructional support program provides a warmly supportive and structured environment where all are loved and all are welcome to learn and grow together.  

Our Instructional Support teachers instruct students, provide support, monitor and evaluate students' specific learning needs. Mrs. Maria Hayes and Mrs. Kristen Stengel provide pull-out services in the Instructional Support classroom.  Support services and Push-In services are provided in the general education classroom.  

Students who qualify for Instructional Support Services receive specially designed instruction and/ or support to meet their unique needs.   A Sacred Heart School Instructional Support Plan (ISP) is prepared in collaboration with parents, faculty and administration.   Examples of services may include:

If you have any questions or would like more information please email Maria Hayes:

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