Afternoon Enrichment Program

The Afternoon Enrichment Program at SHS is operated by several of our dedicated aids, and is open Monday through Friday until 5:30 pm.  Students have time to relax and have fun participating in various enrichment activities, but also work on homework.   Cost is $5.00 per hour per child.  To enroll a child, parents must complete a Registration Form, Afternoon Enrichment Contract and Weekly Service Forms.

Please contact the main office 717-393-8433 if you have additional questions about the Afternoon Enrichment Program.


Your child has the unique opportunity to get involved with their school music program by learning how to play a musical instrument through our Instrumental Lesson Program.  These are private and group lessons taught during the school day, by teachers with many years of teaching and performing experience.  With many of your children involved in extracurricular activities, this is a great way to provide music store or conservatory type lessons for your child, without having to cart them around to yet another activity.  Lessons are offered to children in grades 4 thru 8 at no cost to the student.

The school band performs Christmas and Spring Concerts at Sacred Heart.  In the spring select students perform at the Lancaster Catholic High School Spring Concert as part of the Grade School Honors Band.  Lessons are also offered over the summer months and students are encouraged to attend the Lancaster Catholic Summer Band Camp generally held the second week of July. 

The Joy and Praise Choir

The Joy and Praise Choir raises their voices in special praise and honor to God.  

 The children learn how to use their voices so that they are singing and not straining their voices.  Singing is one of the healthiest things that one can do for their bodies. Also, they learn more about their Catholic faith as they discuss the music and the message of the words that they are singing.

Altar Serving

Altar Servers assist the Priest in the beautiful celebration of the Mass.  They are involved in each part of the Mass from the beginning to the end.  The Priest assumes the role of Christ as he takes the bread and wine during the Consecration of the Mass and changes these elements into the Body and Blood of Christ.  The Altar Servers are the ones who bring the bread and wine to the altar as the priest prepares for the Consecration and they are the ones who are closest to the altar during the entire Mass.  They are actively involved throughout the entire Mass. 

Theater Club

The Theater Club meets weekly after school for students in grades 4-8. Students work on creative dramatic activities, monologues and perform various short plays.  In addition, students in grades 4-8 are offered the opportunity to participate in the school play.  The club performed Transyl-mania in April 2022 and we will let you know the production selection in the fall.  Actors/Actresses, production crew, stage managers, set and costume designers are all needed.  Nearly 40% of the students participate each year.  

STEM IU13 Competition

Open to students in grades 4-6 and 7-8.  Students form groups with 4-5 members and follow the EDP (Engineering Design Process) to create a functioning prototype based on the challenge proposed by the IU for that year.  The students begin their work in October and submit a video as their final project in the beginning of January.  Check back soon for their finished products!

Student Council

The mission of Student Council at SHS is to provide activities in four areas:  spiritual, academic, social and service.  The officers work together to develop fun programs that enhance the everyday curriculum.   Student Council is important because the activities provide a learning experience for everyone involved.  Community service programs also promote awareness in the community about SHS and its mission. 

An active Student Council benefits the entire community.  SHS is a caring and nurturing environment and students can further strengthen that perception through their actions.  Student Council can encourage the entire student body to continue to give-back.  Students thrive on the experience of working together, and enjoy the opportunity to interact with a teacher on a different level.  They see the importance of commitment and value hard work.  Students take pride in their accomplishments and feel a strong sense of responsibility to the SHS community.   


Eighth grade students work together with a faculty advisor to prepare and plan for the year book.